Asian Students TELL IT at the mixed race conference De Paul University

At De Paul University in Chicago today, for the mixed heritage conference, the 1st annual. They expected 50 people and 400 turned up for this event. They said that my comedy was a perfect way to end a weekend that was rife with crying, identity crises and talking about the VERY REAL issues that are STILL hitting kids hard 37 years after the Woman Warrior was written, namely, that parents who immigrated have a very specific idea of the kind of life they want their kids to have (for which they sacrificed home and a sense of familiarity) which, of course, throws their young adult kids into an identity crises because the american landscape and multiculural cities expect and dictate something very different in terms of a sense of personal freedom, success and control. Slanty Eyed Mama did a more activist set than usual (representing the conference) and we spoke to mixed race issues.