Asian Excellence Awards DOH!

Ok is it just me or should we try to give awards of excellence to actual asian people. Talented ones, not just famous ones. If an awards ceremony is to create icons, raise self esteem of a community and encourage your artists to strive for excellence, how ya gonna be giving awards to white people and having as many white folks up there on your stage as Asians. Now as you all know I am as pro celebrity fukking and ass kissing as any bi coastal fag hag with a subscription to the Star. However, although I LOVE me some quentin tarantino movies do you think that NAACP image awards would go to eminem for adapting and making rap his own? Why wasn't Quentin instead presenting an award to his hero, or for that matter the great Johnny To who flew in from Hong Kong to give him an award. Why is the all white except for the lovely Julie Danao cast of Lennon up on stage singing a medley at the Asian image awards?? Why werent they singing Yoko Ono songs fer god's sake? Why are Rhea and Danny giving Lucy Liu an award. i'll tell you why oh fellow nuyorasians. Coz there aint enough famous ones for the prod's to ass kiss amongst us. And why?? I'll tell you why fellow Asian American Juilliard grads who cant get a job...Because Fuckfaces like the AX awards give awards in past years to people like Tia Carrere for "acting" (if tara reid were asian they'd give her one too for the photo opp) and do not seek out the talented up and comers the people who are kickin ass and struggling for some cred. I mean does Lucy Liu need an asian excellence award? Perhaps coz she is dope, but maybe you wanna get some actual asians who are standing in the wings behind her waiting for their chance to present it. And there are many, just maybe not enough to draw super sponsors although that never stopped BET or Latino awards from rewarding actual black people and latinos and letting them get up on stage. Last I checked Lennon was white, the creators of cirque du soleil are white and again I loved me some KA. Would see it every night. But to give out awards and nominations to white people for borrowing asian style--how the hell is that gonna raise the esteem of our community? How come being a chigger is better than being a chink at the AX awards. Ooh girl I am mad. I am super duper mad and I aint playa hating the famous ones of us, we need them. I am questioning the idea of a) giving kudos to people for being sorta kinda influenced by asianness and asserting that chiggers help our self image when we cant fricking get work b) being asian associated--Linkin Park is hardly a bastion of Asian Live performance c) eschewing the responsibilty of producers to educate and actually serve our community by showing us achievers famous or not who are asian d) getting all these friends of asian people to present instead of actual asians because we aren't famous or good or recognized enough apparently to do it for ourselves. Maybe they should give Mickey Rooney an award for putting in buck teeth and acting asian in breakfast at tiffany's thereby increasing asian visibility in movies. Maybe they should give Jonathan Price and award for playing the lead in Miss Saigon when so many asian actors could have (oh wait he got a tony) maybe they should give Panda express an award for making asian food so accessible to white people who don't like it TOO asian. Or to the ying yang guys for wearing silk kimonos and saying ch'i repetitively like that makes them more credible as they reorganise telemarketing companies on TLC. Someone give me a fuckin award for watching the whole show without shooting my TV.