Happy Lucky Golden Tofu Panda Dragon Good Time Fun Fun Show

The Show: East meets West in this mashup of stand up comedy, electric violin, rock n’ roll, spoken word and characters from iconic New York comedy and music duo Slanty Eyed Mama. Happy Lucky Golden Tofu Panda Dragon Good Time Fun Fun Show is an edgy take on multiculturalism from two good Asian Girls gone BAD- ASSED!  

It’s all about race and represent-Asian: identity politics, bowl cuts, Chinatown, nail salon paradoxes, Hello Kitty hats, gay pokemons, math nerds, street vendors, those gold cats with waving arms. The lineup also features songs like “MODEL MINORITY”, “WHITE GIRL PROBLEMS”, “BOWL CUT BLUES” and “THE HELLO KITTY SONG”.  

We are Slanty Eyed Mama: An iconic New York based “Nuyorasian” punk rock spoken word duo featuring electric violin by Juilliard graduate (Violin) Lyris Hung and comedy by fellow Juilliard graduate (Acting)  Kate Rigg. Slanty Eyed Mama’s previous comedy/music mashup “Birth of a nASIAN” was invited to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC and was filmed for Comedy Central’s online portal. They have performed on PBS television, Comedy Central, Pacific Time TV, LA Grand Performances, LOGO TV colleges and Festivals internationally.  

Kate Rigg is one of New York's most celebrated solo performers and comedians.   She  was a comedy correspondent on “The Dr. Phil Show” for 3 seasons and created the hit comedy-competition shows “Dance Your Ass” off for Oxygen TV and "Cache Craze" for YTV and Disney XD. She has done stand-up on Showtime, Comedy Central, NBC Late Friday, PBS, CTV, City-TV, Sex TV (for a special on Dragon Ladies).  Her voices have been heard on Fox's Faimly Guy and she has created 2 comedy based TV shows in the US (Dance Your Ass Off and Cache Craze). She is also an accomplished actor and writer who is partial to dirty jokes.  

Lyris Hung has played electric violin with Bono, Jay-Z, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Toshi Reagon, Suzanne Vega, Bryan Adams, and now tours regularly with the Indigo Girls. She is the lead artist in the Death Metal band Hung. Because she plays that violin like it’s a hardcore killer queen electric guitar axe. Except when she’s with folk music lesbians. Then it’s more like a fiddle.  

Music by Slanty Eyed Mama   
Comedy by Kate Rigg  
Characters by Kate Rigg and Leah Ryan   
Design and Video Installation by Leda Razorikon Resurreccion  

“Skewering stereotypes with hilarious and sharply pointed rap from terrifically talented Juilliard trained performers” --Boston Globe  

“Stunning ... dense, multi-layered, surreal imagery interlocks perfectly with ferociously distorted, nasty, searing violin work, a killer combination of words, music and noise.” -Anchorage Daily News   

“Silly, provocative entertainment from a perspective rarely given   
play in our selectively cutting-edge culture” --Huffington Post