"Slanty Eyed Mama brings something special to the American landscape--a bold daring fun, crazy voice that expresses our joy, our rage, our piece of the American dream, in a way that is accessible to everyone, most of all recognizable to other Asians and Hapas..."
- East West Woman

Slanty Eyed Mama in Concert

It’s astonishing how much sound comes out of the violin beats rhymes lyricism and samples of just two good asian girls gone bad-assed! Typical concerts are theatrical, exciting, dynamic musical and lyrical throw downs with searing violin solos, original beats, and creative lyrics that range from intensely political (“Me Love You Long Time”, and “Subway Jam”) to satirical and hilarious (“Rice Rice Baby” and “I wish I was white”) to poetic and meditative (“Mulan” and “What are you?”). Because of Lyris’ background in rock n’ roll and Kate’s background in stand-up comedy, the performances have an edgy urban feel, dimensionalized by their classical training and poetic vision of the world through a modern Amerasian, girl powered, musical lens. 
Slanty Eyed Mama also host talkback/workshops on Asian Americans in pop culture, women of color issues and politics, performance technique, and multiculturalism in the arts and media.
Typical concerts include:
20-90 minutes of music and spoken word with comedic flair, audience interaction and a sexy attitude.
And *when time and space permits*
*1-2 freestyles—original new pieces created live using inspiration from the audience
* video projections or guest dance performance

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A raucous, in-your-face performance that upends stereotypes and belies cultural expectations through song, sound, rant, comedy, character and technical virtuosity."
- Anchorage Daily News

Theater Shows

Happy Lucky Golden Tofu Panda Dragon Good Time Fun Fun Show

A theatrical concert of East Meets West stand-up comedy, sketch, and rock n' roll/spoken word focused on Asian American themes: immigration, bowl cuts, math nerds, the model minority myth. And Hello Kitty everything. 

The show looks at "Asian-ness" in the western world -- how we are fed commercial images, familiar cultural tropes like nail salons, take-out restaurants and how the media talks about Asian-ness. It is a modern discussion of Orientalism using the language of pop culture: Comedy. Rock n roll. Spoken Word and Video installation. Now also a full length concert movie available for screenings and talk backs. click HERE for more info on this show/film

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Birth of a nASIAN
A play with music and spoken word by Slanty Eyed Mama. The audience meets a wild series of comedic characters exploring identity and alienation across the Asian American cultural landscape. The transitions between characters include an original trip hop soundtrack played live on electronic violin, as well as several raucous original spoken word pieces that bring a street sensibility and narrative voice to the piece.
See edgy thought provoking characters like a 40 year old aspiring Asian cheerleader who is going back to high school, a  jaded, fresh off the boat Street hawker selling the American Dream outside the World Trade Center, and a straight outa the hood China-Latina who doesn’t know which “box” she needs to tick to get a job.
Birth of a nASIAN was invited to the Smithsonian Institute in DC, The Comedy Central Theater in Los Angeles and has toured festivals and theaters around the country.

1 hour 15 minutes

Available with talkback/workshops.

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"One of those rare gems that is so smart, witty and hilarious that I could barely laugh because I was so busy marveling at the layering of language and political sophistication
- The Association for Theater in Higher Education
This theatrical concert involves music, characters and monologues based on oral history interviews with Asian Americans all over the country-- conducted by Slanty Eyed Mama while on tour. It is a concert which looks at the American Dream through the eyes of Asian America, blending story telling, spoken word, songs and letters to explore our relationships and the deepening of the A-Pi voice.
Available with audience talk back/ workshops.

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Uses stereotypes as tools to transcend color...bridges Asian American identity issues and trip hop… puts familiar faces in unique circumstances"
- Metro Weekly Silicon Valley

College Shows

“Positive ...Uplifting... Dramatic... Entertaining”
-Harvard Asian American Association.
Bring the Slanty Eyed Mama Cutural Inv-Asian to your Campus!
Slanty Eyed Mama is a natural fit for college shows because of our stereotype defying, socially aware, consciousness raising lyrics. Also, we're funny. And we incorporate some of YOUR campus’ culture into our shows. Time and time again we have been struck by the diversity of our campus show audiences—this is not a “By Asian For Asian Only” show (unless you want it to be). This is a show that puts the "multi" in multiculturalism. With hip hop beats, rock and roll solos, spoken word, stand-up comedy, song parody, freestyles that never cease to amaze and a raucous no holds barred attitude that respects your need to be uplifted even as you bust down the barriers of race, gender class and geography. In other words, we get it.  And we always try to clear our schedules for a college appearance because activism and social justice begin on campus.
Shows are 60-90 minutes long. Our tech needs are simple and the payoff is intense! See why we got invited to represent two years in a row at the Smithsonian, have rocked some of the greatest festivals in the world and been profiled on CBS, Pacific Visions TV, NPR and more.
Departments that love us the most: Asian Students Associations, Women’s Studies, Multicultural Departments, Mixed Race students associations, Drama, Creative Writing, LGBT, Music Studies, Student Activities and History/Contemporary Culture Departments.


With each show you have the option of requesting a Q+A and discussion session immediately following the performance OR (time and space permitting) a master class/lecture OR workshop on topics like:

Race and Representation, Asian American Identity in the Media, Racism and the Politics of Language in Comedy and Media, Writing Your Experience, Tools for Spoken Word and Poetry, Tools of Expression for Minority Students, Performance, Dynamic Creative Writing, Creative Expression and New Ways to Tell Your Story, Race Politics and the Multicultural Mosaic. 

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Harvard loves SEM!

More student reactions:

"As a Filipino American, I have been growing up feeling invisible, oppressed by my country and my family, and thrown in a model minority box. The worst part was that I felt totally alone, like no one could understand. But after seeing your show, I felt completely validated and that I am not alone. I felt FINALLY someone speaks the truth about Asian culture and growing up Asian in America, and pulls no punches."
- Colby University, ME
"I haven't been to many presentations with multicultural/multiracial asian female performers and I'm very glad that I had the opportunity to see you. You give us multiracial/cultural asian girls hope to make it out there. "
- Mt. Holyoke College, MA
"You really made a statement for the Asian Pacific Islander Organization and on behalf of my members we all thank you as well!! P.S. I feel very proud and I feel like I have more confidence in myself than I ever had in my whole entire life."
- Sonoma State University, CA
For more information and to book Slanty Eyed Mama, please  visit our Contact page.