The real AZN excellence awards in Austin: Don't Mess with Texas Asians!

I had the enormous pleasure of hosting the TAACC Star of Asia Awards and New Year Gala this year and presenting the Star of Asia Awards for Entertainment and Science. The Star ones went to to Broadway Producer PUN BANDHU who is a gorgeous as he is smart (look out all ye emasculating stereotypes of A/A males, Pun is gonna slick back his hair, keep making Tony Award winning plays and knock you OUT). The other recipient was CHLOE DAO, creator of Lot 8 boutique in Houston, and winner of Project runway season 2 and member of a giant family of girls 7 sisters were in attendance, all wearing Dao dresses and looking like a beautiful cluster of silky birds on stage as she received her glass trophy and made her speech. She said the most memorable thing of the night which was that she thought "Asian parents should support their children's dreams. Especially parents who emigrated here because they were seeking a better life. My parents , my mother always supported my desire to be an artist and a clothing designer. She believed in me and encouraged me to draw and think big. Dream big. She helped me sew dresses on the kitchen table, and she encouraged all of her daughters to find happiness in America with no one rigid idea of what that meant, or one career foisted upon me. And look what happens when you support you Asian American kids' dreams. They become Stars of Asia." There were also awards for science ( apparently Asians are good at Science, who knew?) and some high school kids got awards too.

This people, is the real Asian Excellence Awards. No token istic Awards given to Tia Carrere because she is famous, no Awards given to Quentin Tarantino for liking Asian stuff (ironically presented by an idol of his Jonny To who was part of a comedic back and forth stare off with Quentin witht he subtext--Am I Asian?-- No I am though--But why aren't I giving YOU the award--I dunno maybe because the Uncle Wonging producers think you are more famous and so will get more sponsor money--) no bizarre speeches by white celebs like Rhea Perlman about Lucy Liu (instead of a perhaps more appropriate offering by an up and coming A/PI celebutot about how inspiring Miss Liu has been for instance DUH).

Texas had it going on. Honoring achievements in Asian American Culture, giving scolarships to promising high school students, lauding our thinkers in the sciences instead of asking them to do our math homework for us. TAACC RULZ. Also there was a rice cooker and a set of violin lessons on the silent auction. SO much to be proud of.