White People Hate Asians at University of Colorado

Have you guys seen THIS CRAZY RACIST SHIT? Click on that link to see an article From the paper at the University of Colorado Boulder a one of a kind racist diatribe that was published then defended by the school's lawyers.Link

If you were to substitute the word Negro or Black or Hispanic and accord the appropriate stereotypes in there (replace rice cooker with Watermelon seeder/hairnet replace math homework references with Balling/Stealing Hubcaps) I think you would find that the lawyers who say OH NO it's NOT HATE SPEECH would be fired on the spot and the student who wrote this suspended and the editor FIRED. Why is there no justice for us? Why do we have to take this shit sitting down and be like oh, well it's NOT THE SAME as when IMUS calls people Nappy headed hoes. Uh, wake up it's worse. It calls for actual violence, organized violence against "the Asians" and by the way who are these "Asians" I am assuming this is the writers way of saying "chinks" in a more polite way--eg. lumping all the people with slanty eyed into one assumed "Asian" identity the way "chink" chineseifies all asian people in a more old school racist way. I hope those few activists in Colorado go apeshit. I am going apeshit in LA because we can now add this to the list of unpunished ills like the Adam Carolla racist rant of 06, the Rosie Ching Chong incident on the View and the age old Shaquille O nEal Yao Ming hazing on National TV.